Welcome to 351 Silver Star Squadron!

Recruiting 2020

The new year will see the use of a combination of in-person and remote training to conform with public health recommendations.

If you are interested in joining us, leave your contact with our Admin Officer.

Recruit registration forms and instructions.
Recorded recruiting material to help prepare for the session.

Transfers can be brought up to the Admin Officer and will be considered on case-by-case basis.

For the time being, check our Facebook page to know more about what we do!
The 351 Silver Star Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is located in the vibrant community of Unionville, within the City of Markham, Ontario.

The Cadet program provides a dynamic and structured activity to Canadian youth. To find out more about our squadron, please visit our FAQ and About Us pages.

If you are between the age of 12 to 18 and are interested in joining us, please visit our Join page. Feel free to visit one of our Thursday training nights. to see what we are all about!

All of our cadet activities are supervised by screened adults. In order to continue to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our cadets, we need your help. Many of our staffs are parents of cadets with no previous experience. Contact us now to get involved.

Visit these pages to find out more.

Join as a CIC Officer
Join as a Civilian Instructor
Join as a Civilian Volunteer

We rely on local supporters in many ways to help run the squadron smoothly. Please visit the supporters page to see how you can contribute to our success.

In-person procedure
16 Sep 20
Ref: Tasking Order 002 / Frag O 001
The following are to be followed for in-person activities:

Prior to leaving the house
- Check announcements on website & email to confirm no updates.
  - e.g. Dorcas Centre for in-person activities
- Complete self-assessment tool, and submit declaration of NO symptoms.
  - Names checked against declarations THAT DAY at the door.
- If a COVID test is done for any reason, report the occurance. Report the test result when available.
- Use the washroom. Washroom facilities at locations will be limited.
- Bring a mask.
  - At a later time: This will be issued to use with the uniform when supplies arrive.

At location
- Wear a mask indoors and outdoors at all times.
- Stay 2m separated with others.
- Sanitize hands with sanitizer (provided) upon entry.
- Dorcas centre: One-way traffic into the gym through building main doors; exit through gym emergency exit.

- CJCR COVID-19 Aide Memoire
- COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool
- Report COVID-19 test and results
In-Person Training Location
27 Sep 20
Designated in-person training nights will be held at the Dorcas Centre (2667 Bur Oak Ave) until school permits resume.

Drum Major tryout
28 Sep 20
Applications for the position of Drum Major are now open. The Drum Major’s main responsibilities are to manage the cadets in the Band Flight and lead the Band on parade. This year, the Drum Major will assist the Band Officer with engaging the cadets in the Band Flight, and developing their musical abilities.

Align with public health measures, applicants will participate in a virtual interview on 7 Oct.

Although useful, past experience in the 351 band is not a requirement.

Please contact OCdt Lee (slee@351silverstar.com) if you are interested in the position no later than 3 Oct.
Expires: 3 Oct 20
We're back!
17 Sep 20
This year requires a very flexible approach to continue to deliver a fun and safe program that we are used to having. A hybrid approach will be used. Below are the start dates.

Level 1:
- Virtual training: 8 Oct
- In-person training: 22 Oct

Level 2:
- Virtual training: 24 Sep
- In-person training: 8 Oct

Level 3:
- Virtual training: 24 Sep
- In-person training: 1 Oct

Level 4:
- Virtual training: 24 Sep
- In-person training: 1 Oct

Level 5:
- As tasked

Use the training plan often to cross check lessons and locations (subject to updates).

We reiterate that "cadets who cannot complete aspects of the program due to in-person activity limitations and/or virtual connectivity issues will not be penalized" and ask for as much participation as the cadets and parents feel safe to do so.

Highlight for training year (16 Sep).
Letter to parent (22 Sep).

Keep monitoring this space; and pay attention to messages from your NCO for further updates.
Expires: 15 Oct 20


Cadets with with ill-fitting uniform parts can submit requests for exchange for a size that fits from the dashboard: Click Exchange at the bottom of the dashboard under Supply.
Make sure your dress is up to standard before the new training year.

Dress Regulations

Cadets no longer with the squadron should return their washed uniform on supply and include the return form.

Mandatory Training

Mandatory trainings are required to advance a cadet's career and include:

- NCO development (Level 3 and up)
    Regular Thu training
- New joiner day
    Regular Thu training
- Aircrew Survival (FTX) (1 of 2 days)
    Level 1 / 2: 31 Oct / 1 Nov
    Level 3 / 4: 15 / 16 May
- Marksmanship Day (1 of 2 days)
    5 / 6 Dec
- Tagging days
  (2 half-day shifts each weekend)
- Remembrance Day Parade
   TBD (Virtual)
- Santa Claus Parade
- Annual Review

- Other mandatory training as announced in the year