Welcome to 351 Silver Star Squadron!

Summer Training 2020

Regular Summer Course

- Application period has passed

Information Pamphlet
Air Cadet Summer Training Opportunities (2020)
Note: GTC is now a 1-week course

CTC brochures:
- Trenton CTC
- Blackdown CTC
- AATC Canadore
- Connaught CTC
- Mountain View CFTC

Staff Cadet

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National Course

National courses are scholarship courses for Level 3+ cadets with a selection process.
- Natl Course Info Booklet
- National course selection process
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The 351 Silver Star Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is located in the vibrant community of Unionville, within the City of Markham, Ontario.

The Cadet program provides a dynamic and structured activity to Canadian youth. To find out more about our squadron, please visit our FAQ and About Us pages.

If you are between the age of 12 to 18 and are interested in joining us, please visit our Join page. Feel free to visit one of our Thursday training nights. to see what we are all about!

All of our cadet activities are supervised by screened adults. In order to continue to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our cadets, we need your help. Many of our staffs are parents of cadets with no previous experience. Contact us now to get involved.

Visit these pages to find out more.

Join as a CIC Officer
Join as a Civilian Instructor
Join as a Civilian Volunteer

We rely on local supporters in many ways to help run the squadron smoothly. Please visit the supporters page to see how you can contribute to our success.

COVID-19 Update
13 Mar 20
Updated Fri 27 Mar 20

ALL CADET ACTIVITIES are CANCELLED until Thu 30 Apr in response to COVID-19. Further direction will be provided prior to 30 Apr; including the potential to extend the cancellation if required.

This includes all in-person activities (e.g. training nights, teams, tagging, supply). Competitions within this time frame may be rescheduled or modified. Details have been communicated to the team members as they arrive.

Any cadets and staff returning from international travel (including U.S.A) shall refrain from participating in ANY Cadet activities for 14 days following their return.

Keep monitoring the website and email periodically for updates.

Questions to your calling NCO, CPI, OPI, Level O or Contact Us page.

Stay safe! and follow public health advice.
Badge placements
28 Feb 20
Congratulations to all newly-promoted LACs.

LAC Ranks
- Placed halfway between elbow (not middle of the sleeve) and upper shoulder seam.
- Tip: Stand at attention and proof with one arm to determine where the elbow is.
- Badges / insignia shall be sewn on the uniform neatly using a thread that blends with the badge and uniform. Badges shall not be glued.

Expires: 31 Mar 20

New Joiner Supply

There is currently no recruit supply night scheduled. Please check back again later.


Cadets with with ill-fitting uniform parts can submit requests for exchange for a size that fits from the dashboard: Click Exchange at the bottom of the dashboard under Supply.
Make sure your dress is up to standard before the new training year.

Dress Regulations

Cadets no longer with the squadron should return their washed uniform on supply or parade night and include the return form.

Mandatory Training

Mandatory trainings are required to advance a cadet's career and include:
- NCO development (Level 3 and up)
   22 Sep
- Recruit Day (New joiners)
   22 Sep
- Aircrew Survival (FTX) (1 of 2 weekends)
   4-6 Oct / 29-31 May
- Marksmanship Day (1 of 2 days)
   2 / 3 Nov
- Tagging days
  (2 half-day shifts each weekend)
   Fall: 18-20 Oct
   Spring: 17-19 Apr
- Remembrance Day Parade
   9 Nov
- Santa Claus Parade
   23 Nov
- Annual Review
   7 Jun

- Other mandatory training as announced in the year

Attendance is strictly required.

Gliding Days

Cadets get an intro flight in a glider, learn about flying, and have some outdoor sports fun.
- 8 / 21 Sep, 27 Oct
- 25 Apr, 17 May

All cadets should attend at least 1 gliding day each year.