Welcome to 351 Silver Star Squadron!

Recruiting 2021

The new year will see the use of a combination of in-person and remote training to conform with public health recommendations.

We will resume in person as soon as we are able to, but training will be conducted online for the time being.

Recorded recruiting material for your information.


The first recruit intake and Info Sessions have passed. We are currently still accepting applications, and you may contact the Admin Officer for registration questions.

Complete and submit applications as soon as possible:
Read instructions and fill out recruit registration forms.

A parent's meeting night will be held Thu 30 Sep. Further information to follow shortly.

Transfers can be brought up to the Admin Officer and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For the time being, check our Facebook page to know more about what we do!

The 351 Silver Star Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is located in the vibrant community of Unionville, within the City of Markham, Ontario.

The Cadet program provides a dynamic and structured activity to Canadian youth. To find out more about our squadron, please visit our FAQ and About Us pages.

If you are between the age of 12 to 18 and are interested in joining us, please visit our Join page. Feel free to visit one of our Thursday training nights. to see what we are all about!

All of our cadet activities are supervised by screened adults. In order to continue to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our cadets, we need your help. Many of our staffs are parents of cadets with no previous experience. Contact us now to get involved.

Visit these pages to find out more.

Join as a CIC Officer
Join as a Civilian Instructor
Join as a Civilian Volunteer

We rely on local supporters in many ways to help run the squadron smoothly. Please visit the supporters page to see how you can contribute to our success.

Training Year Update
8 Sep 21
Please see the following letters for information regarding training resumption and key dates in Sep and Oct.
- CO's message on training resumption [19 Sep]
- Vaccine Letter to Parents [20 Sep]

Hope to see you all soon!
Expires: 15 Oct 21
Ground School 2021
20 Sep 21
Do you want to fly an airplane?

You can do so with the Glider Pilot Training Course (GPTC) or Private Pilot Training Course (PPTC).

This year, a national virtual ground school is available and required for cadets who wish to apply for either of those two flight training courses. Interested cadets should ensure their eligibility to apply. Interested and eligible applicants please sign up on the website by 30 Sep under "GPTC / PPTC National Ground School" and indicate if you are applying for GPTC or PPTC in the remarks section.

The Squadron is considering running a local ground school on Tuesday nights from 1900-2100 hrs for cadets not yet eligible for GPTC / PPTC or those who want supplemental training to the national virtual ground school. Cadets interested in applying in future years are encouraged to attend ground school sessions at least one year in advance in order to get familiar with the material. The ground school is a compressed review and it is expected that some topics require self-study between multiple sittings to sink in. This course will only run if there is sufficient interest. Please sign up on the squadron website by 30 Sep under "Inhouse Ground School".

Additional details about these courses.

Running of summer courses in 2022 is dependent of local conditions.
Expires: 30 Sep 21
Online annual parent meeting Thu 30 Sep
18 Sep 21
351 will host our annual parent meeting online on Thu 30 Sep 2000 - 2100 (8:00 - 9:00pm) on Microsoft Teams

Meeting link to be posted closer to the date
If there are issues, log out of other Microsoft accounts and join as Guest.

This meeting is catered towards parents of new cadet new to the squadron but all are welcome. Recruits (Level 1 cadets) and other cadets are welcome as well.

The squadron sponsoring committee and squadron staff will be present to answer questions. Please bring forth any questions you may have for this year to the meeting.

Keep monitoring this space for updates leading up to our resumption year!
Expires: 30 Sep 21
FTU Pickup & Uniform Exchange
12 Sep 21
This curbside pickup does not include new cadets who registered this year (Sep 2021).

FTU Pickup: To prepare for the next training year, Field Training Uniforms (FTUs) will be issued via curbside pickup at the squadron office (Unit 5, 150 Ferrier Street, Markham, Ontario). Cadets who joined last training year (2020-2021) will receive regular uniform parts as well.

There are two days for cadets of all levels:
- Sun 19 Sep, 1000-1700hrs
- Wed 22 Sep, 1800-2100hrs (please ensure that you select the correct date)

Please book a date and time at least three days in advance to have your uniform parts prepared. Use your first and last name (not your parent’s) to book an appointment via the Doodle links above. If you have questions, contact the Supply officer via SupO[at]351silverstar.com, not Doodle messages.

Uniform Size Exchange: If you require uniform part exchange for a different size, submit a request through the squadron website (Dashboard > Exchange Uniform Parts) before booking a Doodle appointment. This must be done at least three days in advance of your booking date to have uniform parts prepared. If the size is not available, you will be notified by email. Please bring the old uniform part being replaced to the appointment.

There is one day for uniform exchange ONLY:
- Wed 29 Sep, 1800-2100hrs (please ensure that you select the correct date)

Note: Other than items that are in direct contact with skin (ie. T-shirts and socks), uniform parts are the property of the squadron and are to be returned at the end of one’s cadet career.

Pickup Instructions:
All cadets and parents are asked to complete the online COVID-19 self assessment before arrival.

Upon arrival, please follow the instructions below for curbside pickup:
1. Please ARRIVE ON TIME as per the reserved date and time. The time slot allocated for you is designed for social distancing.
2. Park in front of a numbered bucket.
3. Stay in the car with a mask on.
4. A staff member will ask for your name and bring the items to your car.

Please note that this is curbside pickup only. There will be no access to the squadron office or washroom.


Cadets with with ill-fitting uniform parts can submit requests for exchange for a size that fits from the dashboard: Click Exchange at the bottom of the dashboard under Supply.
Make sure your dress is up to standard before the new training year.

Dress Regulations

Cadets no longer with the squadron should return their washed uniform on supply and include the return form.

Mandatory Training

Mandatory trainings are required to advance a cadet's career and include:

- NCO development (Level 3 and up)
- New joiner day
- Aircrew Survival (FTX) (1 of 2 days)
- Marksmanship Day (1 of 2 days)
- Tagging days
  (2 half-day shifts each weekend)
   Weekend 1: TBD
   Weekend 2: TBD
- Remembrance Day Parade
- Santa Claus Parade
- Annual Review

- Other mandatory training as announced in the year

Additional Contacts for Help

Kids Help Phone
Start a confidential conversation with a real person you can trust.
Text, Phone, or Messenger

CF Member Assistance Program
The Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) offers confidential, voluntary, short term counselling to assist with resolving many of today's stresses at home and in the work place.