Welcome to 351 Silver Star Squadron!

Summer Course 2021

Virtual Cadet summer training courses

- Cadets can only take one course at a time (i.e., course date do not overlap)
- Cadets may apply, and possibly be selected, for multiple courses
- Limited billets available and will be prioritized based on demand and cadets' merit
- Standby cadets can be loaded up to 1-week prior to the start date

Apply by Fri 23 Apr

Staff Cadets

Staff cadet applicants may continue to submit applications:
- Application form
- You may provide course preference however they are not guaranteed

SC/CC-CTC(V) Alpha
SC/CC-CTC(V) Bravo (French only)
SC/CC-CTC(V) Charlie

The 351 Silver Star Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is located in the vibrant community of Unionville, within the City of Markham, Ontario.

The Cadet program provides a dynamic and structured activity to Canadian youth. To find out more about our squadron, please visit our FAQ and About Us pages.

If you are between the age of 12 to 18 and are interested in joining us, please visit our Join page. Feel free to visit one of our Thursday training nights. to see what we are all about!

All of our cadet activities are supervised by screened adults. In order to continue to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our cadets, we need your help. Many of our staffs are parents of cadets with no previous experience. Contact us now to get involved.

Visit these pages to find out more.

Join as a CIC Officer
Join as a Civilian Instructor
Join as a Civilian Volunteer

We rely on local supporters in many ways to help run the squadron smoothly. Please visit the supporters page to see how you can contribute to our success.

CAP@Home Challenge (April)
2 Apr 21

RCSU Central is proud to present the “Cruise into spring - CAP@Home Challenge”. The intent is to provide some fun, meaningful activities for cadets to participate in during the Spring Break. The activities that we have put together are mostly done at your own pace. You can participate in all of it, or pick and choose which activities is right for you. You can either follow our recommended schedule, or pick and choose the activities you want to do, on your schedule.

Cadets will be participate in new daily challenges. They will record their participation, using the “CAP@Home Passport”. The more they participate, the more points they receive. Bonus points are given for posting their challenge adventures on various social media platforms.

Each day has a different theme, relevant to the aims of the Canadian Cadet Organization:
Day 1: Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Familiarization
Day 2: Citizenship
Day 3: Outdoor Adventure
Day 4: Healthy Living
Day 5: Mental Health Awareness

Joining Instructions (Use your website login)
You are in Central Ontario Area (COA)
Expires: 17 Apr 21
Summer Course 2021
10 Apr 21
⬅ Summer course info for 2021 located on the left column of the website.
Central Region Virtual Music Training
8 Apr 21
RCSU Central will conduct a virtual music program between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 21 consisting of asynchronous (self-lead content), group lessons, instrument lessons, and music proficiency level evaluation.

Asynchronous content can be accessed at the following link: https://bit.ly/CadetMusicResources

Cadets are also able to sign up to attend virtual theory lessons (see document below for schedule) and private/semi-private virtual music lessons using the form below. Indicate your instrument and the serials you wish to sign up for in the remarks.

All cadets are welcome to participate, but must have access to an instrument to participate in virtual music lessons.

Interested cadets should sign up for virtual theory lessons at least 8 days prior to the lesson. The deadline to sign up for virtual music lessons is 30 Apr 21.

Virtual Music Training Schedule

Sign up for activity
Expires: 30 Jun 21
Legion Medal of Excellence
1 Apr 21
The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence (RCLCME) recognizes individual endeavours of a citizenship nature, which meet or enhance the purposes and objectives of the Cadet organizations. It is wholly sponsored and awarded by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Cadets meeting the selection criteria are asked to submit the Application for Consideration NLT Thu 15 Apr to the email listed in the form.
Expires: 15 Apr 21
Accurate Email, Phone #, and Address
23 Feb 21
CADET365 is coming!

Microsoft Office 365 accounts will be provided for members in the Cadets organization. The rollout will be in phases and expected to complete end of 2021.

Please ensure the following data is accurate on the dashboard:
- Email address unique to the cadet (cannot be shared between cadets)
- Phone number the cadet has access to during virtual training

Don’t fall for phishing emails posing as CJCR messages on this subject; your onboarding email will come from a trusted source such as an official account from cadets.gc.ca or 351silverstar.com.

If you have moved since verification in Sep, please contact Admin to update your address.
Fundraise while online shopping!
3 Dec 20
This season, fundraising for 351 is going to be so much easier with FlipGive, a free team funding app.

We earn cash back rewards on every purchase you make all year long! All you have to do is shop anytime with the brands you already love, it’s completely virtual and contactless.

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Want to learn more? Check out this 2 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vTO_Qg4n80
In-person start postponed
17 Oct 20
30 Sep update: With COVID cases on the rise, we are postponing our in-person start date until such a time that the case count subsides. In-person lessons and activities will be rescheduled for later in the training year.

The Cadet organization is committed to the safety of our cadets and staff. We understand everyone's desire to be together and will strive to do so when the health-risk drops to an acceptable level.

Weekly virtual training will commence (with the exception of holidays).

Any COVID test and/or required isolation are to be reported to the squadron via the Contact Us page as soon as tests and/or isolation is advised; and again when test results are available.


Cadets with with ill-fitting uniform parts can submit requests for exchange for a size that fits from the dashboard: Click Exchange at the bottom of the dashboard under Supply.
Make sure your dress is up to standard before the new training year.

Dress Regulations

Cadets no longer with the squadron should return their washed uniform on supply and include the return form.

Mandatory Training

Mandatory trainings are required to advance a cadet's career and include:

- NCO development (Level 3 and up)
    Regular Thu training
- New joiner day
    Regular Thu training
- Aircrew Survival (FTX) (1 of 2 days)
    Level 1 / 2: TBD
    Level 3 / 4: 15 / 16 May
- Marksmanship Day (1 of 2 days)
    5 / 6 Dec
- Tagging days
  (2 half-day shifts each weekend)
- Remembrance Day Parade
   TBD (Virtual)
- Santa Claus Parade
- Annual Review

- Other mandatory training as announced in the year

Additional Contacts for Help

Kids Help Phone
Start a confidential conversation with a real person you can trust.
Text, Phone, or Messenger

CF Member Assistance Program
The Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) offers confidential, voluntary, short term counselling to assist with resolving many of today's stresses at home and in the work place.